Uncommon Employee Benefits

Of course, all employees want as many benefits as possible. It was established long ago that to attract the top talent and skill, a small business owner needed to offer more than just good pay. However, only because an employee asks for the moon does not mean you should (or can) give it to them.

Now, the most common employee benefits, in order of popularity, go like this: paid vacations, employee health insurance, paid sick leave, disability insurance, education reimbursement for job, pension plan, life insurance, and dental insurance. However, if these are so popular how can a small business make themselves more attractive? Below are some of the more uncommon employee benefits that just might do this.

Direct Deposit

Yes, many small business owners now offer direct deposit, but not as many as one might think. From an employee’s standpoint, this is an underappreciated benefit. That is, they often don’t realize how great it is not to have to go to the bank or ATM and deposit their check and then wait for it to clear until they no longer have to go through that ordeal.

Wellness Program

A wellness program is any program that improves the health of the employee. It is considered to be more proactive than health insurance and can include anything from smoking cessation to stress reduction programs. Studies have shown these wellness programs to improve employee morale and productivity.

Company Discounts

This may be more a service sector incentive, but it is a compelling one none the less. Simply put, by offering a discount on the company’s products to the employees, a small business is showing the employee that they are valued.

Parking Privileges

This may seem like an inconsequential benefit, but it can have practical value if your small business is located in a popular part of town. Also, its symbolic value should not be dismissed as it announces to the public that the individual who parks there has recognized skill and worth.

Education Plan

If you like the idea of a benefit to show an employee appreciation, then few other things can do this as efficiently as giving them financial help to non-job related, educational courses to demonstrate your value their education. Granted, a small business probably isn’t going to be able to afford to send an employee to an Ivy League school, but a class or two at the local community college can give the employee the continued educational growth they desire.


Gift Cards

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