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There’s no question, you have a passion for helping others see clearly. Yet when it comes to managing the details of a practice’s finances, many vision care professionals don’t always see 20/20!  Maintaining accurate bookkeeping, running accounting software like Quickbooks, or managing payroll can be a real challenge. STAC Bizness Solutions helps to manage the time-consuming tasks associated with the financials of your practice and can help you make better and informed decisions. Whether it’s medical equipment planning, budgeting, or cash flow analysis, we understand your practice’s need for concise, accurate and timely financial management.

Through our bookkeeping and payroll services, we’ll help you achieve optimal financial health and reach your revenue goals, while at the same time, free up your time to offer great care for your patients.

STAC Bizness Solutions will help your Vision Practice:

  • Process your payroll – reducing errors and saving you time
  • Simplify operations to minimize your stress and time away from clientele
  • Deliver personalized cost saving solutions and profit maximizing opportunities
  • Tailor a plan that fits your business needs and goals
  • Provide financial guidance to take your business to the next level
  • Monitor KPIs and benchmarks as well as managing all of the essential bookkeeping functions
  • Help you understand your business performance

If you’re seeking specialized bookkeeping and payroll services for vision care practices in Houston, TX, STAC Bizness Solutions is the clear choice!


STAC Bizness Solutions currently provides financial help to various vision care professionals, including: Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and general or private practices. We specialize in managing practice sizes ranging from single unit to national offices.

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Let STAC Bizness help you free up more time to concentrate on the growth of your practice and the care of your patients through expert bookkeeping and payroll services.

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