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As much as YOU DID learn in medical school, there’s a lot about running a medical, dental, or vision practice that wasn’t covered. From insurance, to payroll, to budgeting, to employee issues… it can be overwhelming. If you’d rather focus more on patient care and less on the minutia, we can help!

We provide clarity, tools, and expertise to help your practice thrive.

Over the years we’ve become very skilled at identifying the critical aspects that separate struggling practices from those that experience profitable growth year-in and year-out. Our expertise can help simplify your path forward and provide you with the confidence to know you’re on the right path!

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STAC has worked with our practice for years and I continue to be highly satisfied with the relationship. They're truly educators, experts and adept at their trade. Shawna provides straightforward advice and I trust her to help our practices continue to thrive. I’d highly recommend her to anyone!

Dr Andrew Michael DDS, MD - Katy, TX

I have been working with STAC Bizness for over 7 years. We have experienced a growth of over 300% with an increase in profits each year. Shawna and her team have been an instrumental part of that growth. In Business, Financial statements are your compass in making decisions. Shawna gave us the ability to examine the financials in real-time. With her direct guidance, we were able to make swift decisions and pivot our path when we needed to. Do not miss the opportunity to work with STAC Bizness!

Dr Alex Bachoura DDS, MD – Cypress, TX

Shawna and the STAC Team have been an extremely solid partner for us over the last couple years. While acting as our bookkeepers they have been accurate and attentive to the details, including making several recommendations that have resulted in significant cost savings for the practice – well in excess of the fees we have paid. With the complexity and pace of our business, it feels good to have experts like STAC that we can trust. If you are looking to increase the profitability of your practice, I’d highly recommend reaching out to the team at STAC.

Dr David Mulherin DDS – The Woodlands, TX

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