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Having worked with numerous dental practitioners over the years, we’ve come to learn an important fact. Dental practices that thrive always rely on two things to help them succeed… a solid plan and strategic counsel.

The team at STAC Bizness Solutions are experts in helping you identify strategic options to protect what you have built and continue to grow your practice in the future

How We Work with Our Clients

We Analyze Your Financial Situation

Each practice and dentist owner are unique in their goals and challenges. That’s why our first priority is always on conducting a thorough analysis of your practice’s finances – seeking to fully understand all aspects of your financial inflows and outflows.

We also seek to understand what’s important to you in the short and long term – whether that’s growth, stability, protecting what you’ve built, or preparing to sell your practice.

Bottom line our experts help you determine where you are financially, and we’ll develop customized strategies to help meet your goals.

We Help You Increase Profitability

Some say revenue is the lifeblood of any practice. We’d say it’s PROFITABILITY. It’s profit that increases the value of your practice. It’s profit that allows you to wisely fund growth. It’s profit that allows you to sleep soundly every night!

Our team is extremely adept at identifying and recommending ways to increase your profitability, while at the same time, ensuring your practice doesn’t suffer. Most clients are absolutely shocked when we help them discover simple (yet powerful) ways to increase their bottom line.

We can help with everything from budgeting and cash flow analysis to more complex profit-boosting strategies.

We Help You Grow into the Future

To ensure your dental practice is on a healthy path to growth, planning for the future is something that should happen TODAY.

Whether you are just starting a new practice or looking to maximize value in advance of a sale, we’re here to guide you through the financial implications at every stage.

We’ll act as your trusted and focused partner to ensure that you have a rock-solid plan to keep your practice on track.


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