As I watch this robot vacuum floors, I am reminded of my Saturdays a kid. Each weekend we had chores. The main ones were dusting or vacuuming the house and we could not go outside until they were done. I did not like either task, but they had to get done. Today I still find myself dusting or vacuuming every Saturday but now I have help from a robot. As you can see from the short video, the robot is not perfect, it doesn’t vacuum every spot, but it does enough to help me free up a dreaded weekly task.

While it takes on a bit of a different form, most medical and dental practices are already using some type of automation in their front office tasks to free up employee time, which can now be spent on value added items vs manual data entry.

Data automation saves time and choosing an App Stack for your practice is often misunderstood and overlooked. Shawna Aho, President of STAC Business Solutions understands how software and tools can be used to streamline bookkeeping, payroll and other practice tasks – knowledge she has gained by closely analyzing manual tasks performed in medical practices and then implementing systems to increase efficiency and service while reducing errors.

As you seek to add automation and efficiency to your operations, here are 5 key questions to ask that will help you identify where automation may be needed the most:

1. Are there areas in your practice’s operations that consistently create roadblocks or slowdowns to providing patient service or meeting the needs of your own staff?

2. Are there specific areas where you often find mistakes being made due to human error (e.g., data entry errors, scheduling mix-ups)? Or… even if these mistakes don’t happen often, they are high stakes and create major issues or rework when they do occur?

3. Are you noticing a consistent negative feedback from patients or staff around a common theme?

4. Are there tasks being performed that are not a good fit for the role? In other words, do you have a $30/hour staff member performing $10/hour tasks? Is there opportunity to outsource this work or implement a technology-driven solution?

5. Are there reoccurring tasks you or your staff just plain dislike or don’t feel confident handling on your own?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are good that your practice could benefit from establishing and automating key processes. For a complimentary consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Shawna Aho, President of STAC Bizness Solutions today!

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