Whether your dental practice’s needs call for bookkeeping, payroll, Controller services, QuickBooks support, or a combination of these, here are a few ways we help our clients.

We allow you to focus on the bigger picture

Let’s face it. It’s hard to think about the higher-level strategy for your practice when you’re tending to all the details. Our work focuses on the fine details of tracking and accurately recording financial details, and ultimately, organizing all these details in form that makes sense – in a way that helps you better understand your practice and make more informed decisions.

We keep an eye on your cashflow

We’ve all heard the saying that “cash is king.” When it comes to running a successful practice (or any business), that saying couldn’t be MORE TRUE. Great practices actively monitor cashflow, and take proactive steps to ensure the cash is always flowing. This allows you to not only meet current obligations but confidently plan for the future.

We reduce your overall costs

As specialists in dental practice bookkeeping and payroll, STAC is able to offer these services more efficiently and cost effectively than other bookkeepers. In addition, our diligent efforts and attention to detail throughout the year makes prepping for tax filings fast and easy. For you, this means lowering your overall expenses while leveraging specialized expertise to ensure the job is done right!

We provide you with clarity

To properly manage and grow your practice, you need accurate insights. But it demands going far beyond reporting transactions. At STAC, we’re financial experts and we’re also business owners. We provide our clients with clarity around the issues most for them – the overall financial health of the practice, areas of concern, and areas where growth and profitability can be pursued.

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