In this article, we’ll list the different types of technology being used today by Beauty Salons & Spas.  It is up to the salon & spa owner to understand the technology, and how it can help them manage, market, and provide an awesome environment for their salon customers.  So, here is your Beauty Salon Spa Technology Guide.

Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Accounting, accounting, accounting. Know your numbers.

~Tilman J. Fertitta

Let’s start with Beauty Salon & Spa Management Software – You will want to use some salon & spa bookkeeping software to help you keep accurate and timely accounting records.

The following technology can help you manage your salon or spa accounting:

  • Bookkeeping – Your business needs to maintain a general ledger that has all your transactions recorded and organized.  Big savings in time for you! (We use and recommend Quickbooks Online)
  • Payroll – Use payroll software to track employee pay, hours, tips, benefits, and withholdings.  (We use and recommend
  • Bill payment – You can keep track of all bills and use the auto-pay features to stay on time.  (We use and recommend
  • Receipts – If incur expenses outside of your business take a photo of the receipt using a mobile app so the details are instantly sent to your general ledger and other financial software. (We use and recommend ReceiptBank)
  • Inventory – Again, you will need to keep track of all your Beauty Salon & Spa store products with either a separate inventory software or an all-in-one Salon & Spa accounting software package.
  • Appointment scheduling – easily schedule and track appointments with features connected to your website so customers can easily schedule appointments.  (We recommend DemandForce)
  • Merchant processor – This will allow you to charge customer credit or debit cards.
  • A Point of Sale (POS) – Since you charge your clients for services and products, you will want to use a POS system to manage this for you.

Use these tools to help boost your Beauty Salon and Spa business.  Here are your main online tools that can help your spa grow:

  • Website – Beauty Salon & Spa websites, in particular, can attract clients by showcasing their spa on the internet through their website, directories and social channels as a base.
  • Social media – Share your work using photos, video, customer stories, testimonials, local charity involvement, and more ways (just think it up).
  • Email software – You can keep clients coming back with a sound email marketing strategy. You can send them special offers and even a monthly newsletter so you stay on their mind.
  • We recommend DemandForece automated marketing for Salon & Spa’s!

And a few more – We’ve covered the main technology salon and spa businesses should use but here are few more worth considering:

  • Mobile lighting/sound/temperature control – Even lights, speakers, and the thermostat can be controlled on a mobile device or computer.
  • Streaming music – Set a pleasant mood in your studio with the right music.
  • WiFi for your customers – Always a winner with customers to provide internet access.
  • Tablets and Smartphone apps – There are many to choose from to help you run your salon or spa business.

Your main goal is to get clients in the door and provide them with a great experience.  Let STAC Bizness Solutions help you with your Salon Bookkeeping obligations.  If you’re looking for help managing your books, we provide cloud bookkeeping services customized to match your business needs.  Here is more information on our salon business bookkeeping services.

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