As a small business consultant, I consider it part of my responsibility to stay abreast with the industries that I advise. This means learning the latest technology that our clients might need as well as the most recent issues that they are facing.

This year has been no different than other years. I attended the same training sessions and conferences necessary to keep me up-to-date with the constant changes in business laws and regulations; bookkeeping and payroll processes; new apps; QuickBooks updates; and accounting operations. As one can imagine, it is a constant curve of upward learning, but this knowledge is absolutely integral for all of our clients. It is important that we are on the same page when it comes to industry standards. They might not have time to keep up-to-date with the latest in their field, so this is where a small business consultant comes in.

My goal is to provide insightful advice which enables my clients to make informed financial decisions. That is why in addition to attending conferences for my profession, I also like to attend industry specific conferences. These conferences help me gain more particular insight into new products, skills, and potential issues our clients may be dealing with in their industry. There is nothing like understanding the industries in detail. A generalized approach would not give me the industry-specific know how to have personalized plans to help each of our clients with their business solutions.

This month I attended the 2017 Seva Beauty Conference. Talking with our clients face-to-face was amazing. I was able to speak with several salon owners and learn about what is working for them and what they are struggling with concerning growth. I enjoyed this rich qualitative data that I can now use as valuable lessons and share with my clients.

It was also nice to learn about the new products, services, and techniques. When our clients have questions for me regarding their operations, I will not have to waste time asking them to explain the basics of what certain processes are. Of course, each business is a unique entity, so I welcome dialogue with them that is not only clarifying, but also necessary to ensure that I understand exactly what a particular term means to their business.

I was glad to network with not only the franchise owners but also with the other franchise suppliers. Connecting with suppliers allows my firm to discuss potential partnerships to streamline processes for our clients further. This part of networking is essential as there is no use having another framework in place when customers cannot get their hands on products that are in demand in the salons.

The training sessions for this conference were particularly insightful and informative. Some of the sessions helped us gain further insight into the human resource issues with running a salon. We can then come up with some ideas for solutions that STAC Bizness Solutions can assist with going forward.

All in all, I had a particularly productive year of conferences and training. I look forward to passing this knowledge directly onto my clients through innovative solutions and technological advances.

Here are some of our pictures of the SEVA Beauty Conference.  A special “Thank You” to our current clients.

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