Financial Questionnaire

Your information is private and is only seen by our financial experts at STAC, we will not show nor share your information with anyone outside of the STAC Team. We use the data internally to improve our general business practices and identify challenges for you and your business.


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What industry are you in Medical/HealthcareBeauty ServicesHome ServicesSeva FranchiseProfessionalOther
How long has your company been operating?
How many employees do you have not including yourself? 01-56-20over 20
Do you have a short-term or long-term business plan? YesNo
Did you take a loss in your business in the last 2 years? YesNo
Do you currently use a payroll or bookkeeping service? YesNo
When was the last time you had a financial expert look over your financial records? Not including your accountant. Over 2 yearsWithin 2 years
What was your company's approximate revenue last year? More than $1MM$999,999 - $500,000$499,999 - $125,000Below $125,000
Have you identified a potential opportunity for improvement but don't know how to implement a solution? YesNo
Describe a challenge you have in the financial aspect of your business.
On a scale from 1-9, 1 being not much and 9 being very, how would you rate your readiness for help in the financial aspect of your business 123456789